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An OLED flashlight is small, lightweight and illuminating. The days of carrying bulky flashlights will soon be over. A compact OLED flashlight will be slim enough to slip into a pocket for people on-the-go. As technology progresses, the OLED flashlight will be available in all types of shapes and forms.

  • LED mini flashlight

    The Shapes of an OLED Flashlight

    OLED panels and lighting are flexible, which mean an OLED flashlight could take many forms. It could be a roll-out light or even get attached to certain garments and accessories. OLED lighting is cool and…

  • girl reading under blanket with flashlight

    History of the Flashlight

    A flashlight is a hand-held portable light source that uses electric power. Typically flash lights use LED (light-emitting diode) technology or a small incandescent light bulb. The bulb is set in a reflector with a…