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OLED light bulbs are the lighting wave of the future. Many people currently use incandescent light bulbs because they emit quality white light. Research and development of OLED light bulbs will make them a veritable rival to energy-consuming incandescent light bulbs.

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    What Are OLED Light Bulbs?

    OLED light bulbs are made of layers of organic materials. They all have various electrical properties to create light. Electrons moving through the organic materials unite with positive holds to create light through electromagnetic radiation.…

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    OLED Light Bulbs Versus Incandescent Light Bulbs

    While OLED light bulbs are energy-efficient, incandescent light bulbs consume significant energy. At this time, incandescent light bulbs generate a brighter white light. However, as development continues OLED light bulbs will emit the same or…

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    Benefits of OLED Light Bulbs

    There are benefits to OLED light bulbs, especially as people become more green in their approach to living. OLED light bulbs save energy. The light can be dimmed without noticeable alternation of quality. Also, OLED…