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OLED sign options are an exciting concept currently in the making. The advancement of OLED technology bring to mind its potential ease of use to create an array of OLED sign options. Flexible and transparent, with roll-to-roll ink-jet printing, means fast and inexpensive production of OLED signs in the future.

  • city life

    OLED Sign Challenges

    Signage encompasses a large field of applications including advertising, special lighting and applications such as automotive lighting for signaling. Each applications require a different level of performance. Current challenges faced when developing an OLED sign…

  • Neon Open sign

    What Makes an OLED Sign Convenient

    An OLED sign is an innovative idea because it is energy-efficient, thin, lightweight and flexible with transparency. Color tunable panels add more options for OLED signs. They offer area light as oppsed to hard pointed…