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OLED spot lights could be an energy-efficient way to direct light to a specific area. OLED spot lights will be used for stage, offices, task lighting and more. The development of OLED spot lights will improve safety in a variety of different situations while consuming less energy than traditional spotlights.

  • Magic Spotlights with Blue rays and glowing effect

    Potential Uses for OLED Spot Lights

    Also referred to as searchlights, there will be an array of potential uses for OLED spot lights beyond the stage and military functions. Potential uses for OLED spot lights could be on stairs to light…

  • ShowRoom Art Gallery exposition

    The Challenge of OLED Spot Lights

    Make of light tiles or panels, OLED spot lights are a challenge to design. They are constructed to thin layers on glass or plastic substrates. The warm lighting is turned on instantly with dimming and…