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OLED tube lights will change the way people see lighting and use it. The soft emission of light will use less energy, emit light from the surface and be extremely lightweight with no noise. Switch-on times are quick and disposal problems typically associated with tube lights will be eliminated.

  • festive abstract of rope lights on a reflective floor

    More About OLED Tube Lights

    OLED tube lights generate light naturally to create ambiance. Developers are working on the intensity of white OLED tube lights to make them suitable for multiple uses. No shades or reflectors are needs with OLED…

  • Decorative multicoloured twinkling tube rope lights switched on

    The Predecessors to OLED Tube Lights

    OLED tube lights are being developed to be as bright and reliable as current tube lighting options. Unlike traditional lighting, OLED tube lights will be flexible and emit little heat. Fluorescent Tube Lighting A fluorescent…