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As OLED lighting becomes more accessible, many people are asking about OLED vs. LED. Formerly LED lighting was a leading innovator. Now OLED lighting is coming to the market, causing a variety of questions about OLED vs. LED and which is better.

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    Basics About OLED vs LED

    The first difference between OLED vs. LED is organic versus inorganic. OLED is organic while LED is inorganic. At this time, OLED often emits less light per area than LED because of low thermal conductivity.…

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    What is LED Lighting?

    An LED is a light-emitting diode. This semiconductor light source is used for lighting and as indicator lights in a variety of devices. In the 1960s, LED light were a low-intensity red color. Now they…

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    What is OLED Lighting?

    The first thing to consider when comparing OLED vs. LED lighting is the definition of both terms. An OLED is an organic light-emitting diode. The emitting layer is an electroluminescent film of organic compounds. These…