Innovative OLED Tail Lights

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When the brightness of OLED tail lights is perfected for braking, they will be an ideal solution. OLED lights are easy to see in the sunlight, making them an excellent choice for vehicular use. They are non-toxic so there are no environmental or disposal concerns. OLED tail lights will also be energy-efficient and long lasting.

Recently Audi experimented with technologies that added Philips-made OLED panels to a car’s body including rear lights made from four OLED panels in red. OLED surfaces will be used in the Audi R8 and Q7 vehicles including OLED tail lights, signal turning lights, for speeding up and just to look great.
Animated OLED tail lights were one of their exciting experiments with this amazing technology.

Stephan Berlitz, Head of Lighting Electronics at Audi, said, “OLED surfaces themselves are the source of light, and the thin plates look attractive. They weigh little, light up extremely fast, develop only a small amount of heat, least for several tens of thousands of hours and don’t consume any more energy than conventional light-emitting diodes.”

At this rate of progression, people might have OLED tail lights and other OLED lighting in their vehicles in only a couple of years.

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