OLED Lights Innovations from Phillips, OSRAM and Others

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Phillip Lumiblade and is offering an array of resources to encourage the use and unique implementation of OLED lights. Many people in the d├ęcor industry are closely watching the development and innovative of OLED lights including designers, architects and furniture makers. Other industries looking to the potential of OLED lights include automotive, jewelry, gaming and clothing.

Lighting industry leaders and other business people are intrigued by the adaptability of OLED lights. Their size and shape makes them different from conventional lighting as they can be used in a variety of situations and fields of application in creative ways. OLED lights can be integrated into a variety of other surfaces.

Phillips Lumiblade is exploring the use of think lighting less than 2mm thick for embedding in many materials. Also, OLED lights have little heat dissipation. Their OLED lights are modular and ready to be used in all kinds of places. OLED lights can be used in design projects, including creative lighting design.

Former, the use of light was limited because of the shape, size and heat factors. OLED lights open up a world of new lighting possibilities. They are being considered for use in everyday items such as tabletops, walls, chairs, clothing and as part of a building or object. OLED lights may even be used to shape future architecture.

Because of the wealth of questions and options, Philips offers a Lumiblade Creative Lab to bring professionals together from many backgrounds to experiment with and experience OLED lights. The workshop is located in Germany. Experts in the field of lighting, materials and electronics come together to offer advice about integrating OLED lights into projects. The lab helps people explore the potential of using OLED lights in construction and other innovative projects.

OSRAM is also looking to ultimate development goals for OLED lights. OSRAM see them as a volume business in the sector. As demand builds and the ability to manufacture OLED lights in larger quantities happens, a new market phase is anticipated. OSRAM is researching and developing OLED lights to deliver high quality performance that meets sustainability requirements.

Other leading OLED lighting companies include Inteltronic, Ledon OLED Lighting, LG Chem, Lumiotec, Modis Tech, Mitsubishi, NEC Lighting, OLED Works, Blackbody, AU Optronics, GE, Doosan Electronic, First-O-Lite, Kaneka, Konica Minolta, Panasonic, Organic Lighting, PolyPhotonix, Pioneer, TM Display, TechnoCorp Energy, Showa Denko and Verbatim. With these industry giants working on research and development, OLED lights are expected to reach the mainstream soon.

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